Seraph Zapharel, 8 Digital Reiki PDF Manual Package (No BOGO): Bring more love, more healing, more acceptance, more path clearing into your life


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Angelic energies radiate from beyond our universe and arrange themselves into different layers. The highest energy layer is known as the Angelic energies radiate from beyond our universe and arrange themselves into different layers. The highest energy layer is known as the Seraphim.

There are nine groups or choirs of Angels these are:

  • * Seraphim
  • * Cherubim
  • * Thrones
  • * Dominations
  • * Virtues
  • * Powers
  • * Principalities
  • * Archangels
  • * Angels

First in this hierarchy of angels are the Seraphim. An individual member of this group is called a Seraph. The Seraphim is the highest level and it is to this group that Seraph Zapharel belongs.

Seraphim represent the highest forms of love and joy and are not as serious and regulated as we think. Seraphim have a great sense of humor.

Systems Included in this package:

  1. Light of Zapharel
  2. Zapharel Light of Passion & Enthusiasm
  3. Zapharel Light of Clear Vision & Understanding
  4. Zapharel Light of Protection & Guidance
  5. Zapharel Light of Love & Acceptance
  6. The Diamond of Zapharel
  7. The Star of Zaharel
  8. The Silver Platinum Ray of Zapharel
  • Light of Zapharel: this is the prerequisite to receiving any of the Light attunements from Seraph Zapharel. It will introduce you to Zapharel and raise your light levels enough to receive the rest of the Light attunements. You must leave 14 days between this Initiation and the Light of Passion and Enthusiasm attunement.
  • Zapharel's Light of Passion and Enthusiasm: this attunement is all about being passionate and enthusiastic about every living person and being able to see the good in people, seeing through their negativity and anger. It will also help you to clear your own negativity and anger so that you can open your heart, body and soul to receive love and happiness.
  • Zapharel's Light of Clear Vision and Understanding: this attunement will help you to see more clearly the path and direction that you are following and enable you to make changes to reach your goal with a greater sense of purpose and with a clearer vision of where you need to be to gain emotional and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Zapharel's Light of Protection and Guidance: even if we are feeling strong and focused, there might be times in our life where we feel exposed and without any or much guidance. Seraph Zapharel can be called at any time to wrap you in his wings of love and protection to enable you to walk forwards feeling safe and protected. Simply ask Seraph Zapharel to walk with you at this time and feel his guiding and protecting energies surround you with love. This will allow your vibration to increase and you will be able to see the beauty and love that is around you.
  • Zapharel's Light of Love and Acceptance: this attunement will help you to bring more love into your life and help you to accept it, whether that be love and acceptance for others or for yourself. Love is an important part of our lives, it exists in all of us, yet often we are unable to accept or give love freely to others. Acceptance of loving someone and being loved is so difficult for many people. Only when you are able to accept and love yourself will true love flow into your life and those around you.
  • The Diamond of Zapharel: during this attunement, an etheric diamond from Zapharel will be placed in your aura. This can help bring completeness and wholeness to your life and assist you in many ways. The diamond is a symbol of purity with a brilliant and pure white light. For many years the diamond has symbolized wealth and status in life and is one of the stones of abundance and manifestation. The Diamond is a stone that doesn’t need recharging so once you receive this attunement you will be connected to Seraph Zapharel and his Diamond for life. The Diamond is an amplifier of energy and can assist with removing negativity and fear from a person or situation. It is also useful for repairing holes that may appear in your aura and recharges and energizes the aura. If you have any negativity attached to your aura which is preventing you from moving along your spiritual path, the Diamond can help to release this negativity and replace it with a new, refreshing energy enabling you to move forwards with a renewed enthusiasm and passion. The Diamond can also assist in matters of the heart, whether it is a relationship difficulty or life in general, the placing of the diamond in your aura and chakras can bring harmony and peace to you. Finally, the Diamond can assist with mental clarity enabling you to see more clearly the path that you need to take.
  • The Star of Zapharel: During this attunement, the Star of Zapharel will be etherically placed into your aura and chakras to enable an infusion of Zapharel’s energy to flow through your body causing subtle changes to occur as well as balancing and aligning the chakras. The Star will also infuse you with a calming and relaxing flow of energy and will assist you in seeing more clearly any issues that may be causing you pain at this moment in time.
  • The Silver Platinum Ray of Zapharel: this is a high frequency energy that has been shared with us by Seraph Zapharel. It comes from the Source and can be used as a personal development tool and also to help others. The Ray often has a cool feel to it and can help us to clear blocks and issues that hold us back from walking our true path. Releasing blocks and realigning our energy centers can help bring us to completeness and oneness and enable us to lead a happier and more contented life. By receiving the connection to the Silver Platinum Ray you will start an ongoing process of realignment and releasing and over time this process will enable you to follow your inner guidance and direction. The Silver Platinum Ray also assists others when received as a healing treatment. It can also be incorporated into Reiki treatments and will help to clear issues and blocks that the person may have.
Includes 8 PDF files sent electronically by link and attunement service delivered 48 hours apart.

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