Kali Naga Sechim 1-4, digital e-manual: Grand Naga Initiation, The 9 Realms, Goddess Kali, Earth Star, Dimensional Awareness & MORE!


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Founder: Dr. Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

2 Pre-Requisites :
  • Seichim Master
  • Maha Kali Seichim Master
Dr. Prajna Shiva Kalidasa writes:
Mahakali is the Goddess of the Shamans, and has been so for many thousands of years before the travesty known as Patriarchy was started on this planet. The Hindus and Buddhists didn ’ t quite know what to do with Her, and often tried to split Her up or make Her somehow less than their male deities even though Anthropology and Archaeology have proven that She was the first Deity here, and that all others were extrapolated out of Her.

The Christian missionaries in India, with the help of Hollywood, have tried to turn Her into some sort of evil fiend and murderer when She has never killed anything other than demons and Rakshasas . Indeed, Her stated purpose for existing is “…to trample ignorance on the Path of Love”, and to free us from all traditions, religions and customs which take away our Goddess-given freedoms.

There are thirteen dimensions around this world, and most people have lives going on in at least five of them. And, there are also the the nine realms of the Underworld which we must all work through before we are able to leave this world behind and move on to bigger and better things on the evolutionary scale.

Here is a brief overview of the nine realms from the highest to the lowest:

1. The Realm of the higher spirits known as Goddesses and Gods.
2. The Realm of the Demi -Gods
3. The Spiritual Realm of the Human World
4. The Middle Realm of the Human World
5. The Physical Realm of the Human World
6. The Animal Realm
7. The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts
8. The Realm of Hell Beings
9. The Realm of Perpetual Fire

In Tibetan Buddhism these nine realms are covered in what they call the six Loki. They combine the three realms of human existence as one, and the realm of perpetual fire becomes a portal through which you gain access to the rest. An author named John Twelvehawks wrote an excellent set of novels called “The Traveler” series that teaches about both those realms and the motivations that drive them such as the humans being ruled by laziness and fear, animals by pleasure and pain, the hungry ghosts by greed, and the hell beings by anger. I encourage you to read that series of books. Not only are they very entertaining, but you will learn a lot that the governments of the world would rather you didn ’ t as these books are based upon both spiritual and physical fact.

The energy used in Kali Naga Seichim comes from all of these dimensions and realms, and the healing that is done for yourself and your clients is done in these various dimensions and realms as well.

There are four very powerful attunements in this course. They are as follows:

1. The Earth-Star Chakra Empowerment
2. The Dimensional Awareness Empowerment
3. The Nine Realms Empowerment
4. The Grand Naga Initiation

Each of them will be covered in detail so that you can understand how to work with them both for others and in your own life. The result is that you will be able to heal many conditions and life situations that nothing else can touch, and that you will be better able to know yourself, and understand your true capabilities.

The Earth-Star Chakra Empowerment The Earth-Star Chakra is located approximately 12 to 18 inches below your feet and is your first and primary connection to the energy of the earth. This empowerment helps you to be able to do your spiritual work while staying more grounded. Just as you have seven main chakra centers in your physical body, you also have seven below your feet, and fourteen above your head for a total of twenty-eight. This one will open and fully empower everything up through the thirteenth Chakra which is your connection to your Solar Angel, but it all begins with the Earth-Star Chakra Empowerment.

The Dimensional Awareness Empowerment– This empowerment helps you learn to sense the presence of lives for your client or yourself in the thirteen dimensions around the earth. It also helps you determine what is going on in those lives, how it is affecting this life, and helps you to see ways to bring healing and harmony between this dimension, and the others that are involved.

The Nine Realms Empowerment – This attunement helps you to see the portals that allow you to move from one realm to another, and gives you an affinity for communicating with the Nagas and Naginis whose help you will need to keep you from getting lost and stuck in the various realms of the Underworld.

The Grand Naga Initiation This initiation helps you to establish an alliance with the Grand Naga (which has the head of a bearded man) and the Grand Nagini. There will be times when you will need the softer and more compassionate energy of the Naginis to do your work, and others when you will need the more wrathful energy of Nagas to overcome some dark and evil entity as well as times when both energies will be needed. Only by having this initiation into their energies will you be able to develop an affinity for their energies, and receive their approval.

These empowerments are very powerful, and you are encouraged to take some time in between each one. via chi ball method only and will allow you to to do one attunement every seven days, but you may want to wait longer.
With your purchase you will receive 4 distant chi ball attunements sent a minimum of  7 days apart and 1 emailed pdf manual.

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