Maha Kali Reiki , digital pdf manual: For Psychic Self Defence, Become Invisible to Enemies, Influence Others, Love, Abundance, Career Advancement


Includes digital English e-manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement

Founder: Dr. Prajna Shiva Kalidasa writes:

"Most Reiki forms access specific frequencies of energy, Mahakali Reiki accesses all of the un-manifest energy of the Void. This allows you to use it for any purpose whatsoever. Simply access the energy as you will be guided below, and then set your intention for what you desire to happen. The energy will flow, and begin the work to make your desires come about. Energy + Intention = Fulfilled Desires. As you are accessing the ultimate source of unmanifest energy in this universe then you are able to set literally any intention that you desire. Intention is the key to everything in energy work".

A partial list of benefits are below - there are numerous more benefits:
  • Spiritual/Mental/Emotional/Physical Healing;
  • Protection of yourself, your loved-ones and places;
  • Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity;
  • To find a new job, or get a raise;
  • To attract a lover or life partner into your life;
  • To find your life purpose;
  • To ramp up your spiritual growth and enlightenment;
  • To influence others (WARNING: Doing so against their will, for healing or otherwise, brings you Bad Karma!)
  • To make you or others invisible to enemies in the spirit world;
  • Psychic Self-Defense;
  • Healing stones, plants, animals, water and the earth as a whole

You will also learn "Breath of Fire", and how to work with this power force for creation with all of it's great potential.

Included with purchase:
You will receive 1 distant attunement via Orbo of Life Method and 1 pdf e-manual sent electronically by link

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