Angel Blessings, 1-6 digital e-manuals: Angel of Healing, Cleansing, Space Clearing, Communication, Abundance & Joy


Included are the 6 digital English emanuals sent electronically by link and distant orb of life attunements

  • For those who love angelic energies comes the Angelic Blessing Package. This package includes the systems below from founder Charlotte Ann Snares.  You may also choose a bogo of a single system of your choice!

Angel of Healing & Addictive Behavior
Angel of Joy and Relaxation
Angel of Cleansing
Angel of Space Clearing
Angel of Communication and Expression
Angel of Abundance
The Angel of Healing - Addictive Behavior brings to us the message that we are safe and protected by Spirit and the Angels and that all can be healed through the light of love.  All we need to do is surrender any addiction which we wish to release, and which no longer serves us to Spirit and the Angels. We are encouraged to invite these loving energies into our lives and to have faith in the power of love to heal us. We are supported, we must trust in this blessing. When we decided to release our addictions a wonderful and positive transformation takes place. We can call upon the Angel of Healing - Addictive Behavior to support us during this time.
The Angel of Joy and Relaxation brings to us the message that we must learn to let go of desired outcomes. If we trust in the Universal Divine order, we will come to understand that all things will fall into place and become clear when it is meant too. So switch off!! Take time to relax and find the joy in life, connect to your inner child, have some fun, for all work and no play. This takes us to a place where we hinder the natural flow of things. Surrender all things to the Universe and trust that all things are taken care of! Focus on what you have achieved in your life to date, and count all your blessings. Take time to do activities that nourish the soul instead of worrying about what the future will  bring. By letting go we allow the Universal  Spirit and the Angels to help us create more space for the things that we truly want.
The Angel of Cleansing brings to us the message that if we are going through a time of difficulty, confusion and we are feeling lost, to have faith that this difficult time is drawing to a close. The Angel of Cleansing asks us to trust that this difficult time serves a purpose, even though it is often difficult to see the silver lining in the dark cloud. We have to go through these transitions to grow and to learn, and we must trust that this time however difficult, is ultimately apart the Divine Order of the Universe as are all things. Just as nature has her changing seasons, so does your life.  We can call upon the Angel of Cleansing to help us through this time, to cleanse our auras and chakras, to bring us focus, renewed clarity, direction and strength. The Angel of Cleansing will restore harmony and balance; give thanks to the Universe for this blessing and rest safe in the knowledge that Spirit and all beings of love and light are there to support us. 
The Angel of Space Clearing Empowerment is a part of the Angelic Blessings Series. The Angel of Space Clearing has come to us with the message that she is with us to support us in clearing negative thought patterns and feelings that may have surfaced. This negative energy can be created when we focus on the negative, past mistakes and regrets. These thoughts and feelings are unconstructive, can cause you to feel confused, stressed and can prevent positive new energies from entering your life. The Angel of Space Clearing asks you to let go, surrender all your cares and worries to her so she can change these negative energies to a positive. This Angel asks us to take time for ourselves, to take time out when we feel pressured or overloaded and to strip everything bare and take all things back to a love basis. If you are feeling these energies, the Angel of Space Clearing suggests you try to find ways to clear yourself. If your room is cluttered, have a clear out, look at what you really need instead of holding on to possessions. Be charitable to those less fortunate then yourself, for giving will bring its own rewards. Think if you are working yourself too hard. Do I really need to push myself? Can I allow myself to have a rest? For if you take time out, your energy recharges and then new opportunities, ideas and inspiration will come your way.
The Angel of Communication and Expression brings to us the message that we should not be afraid to communicate or express to others our divine truth. If we hide, or with hold honest, clear communication and self expression it can cause such confusion in our lives. We assume that those around us know what we want, or feel, and in truth they do not. This Angel lets us understand that we cannot lose anything by simply stating the truth. We do not need to accuse or blame others to speak this truth, and what is truly underlying of our lack of communication and self expression is a fear of not being accepted or approved! We need to come to an understanding that it is an act of love, not just towards others but to ourselves also, to communicate and express ourselves, clearly, honestly, and lovingly. The Angel of Communication and Expression comes to us to give us support, call upon this angel to help empower you with the truth of love, give thanks for this gift of expression and creativity.
The Angel of Abundance brings to us the message of the blessing of light, it radiates through our hearts and minds, giving us illumination and inspiration.The gift of abundance manifests when we love and value ourselves as much as we value and love those dear to us. When we keep an open heart and mind and continue to give and receive freely the angel of abundance blesses us, except all the abundance the universe is offering too us in the clear knowledge that we are deserving of it. We must learn to relax in the safe knowledge that the universe is constantly providing us with what we truly need. We can call upon the energy of the Angel of Abundance to help manifest these blessings in to our lives.

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