Life Protection Orb, digital pdf manual by Hari Winarso: Helps Protect and Shields against dark forces, shield against harmful vibrations and more


Founder Hari Winarso

About this system: Life Protection Orb generates a powerful auric shield that provides protection from negative energies and dark forces.It functions in a similar manner to other protection modalities, however there are several important differences that make this Life Protection Orb unique.

Like other modalities, it provides protection against negative energies, dark forces and the ill wishes of others, the bad vibes that not only make us feel uncomfortable but actually harm us in a very real sense. In addition to the many powerful protective capabilities, The Life Protection Orb allows us to tap into our subconscious and elevates our psychic and spiritual abilities.

It really does have many profound effects on the spiritual development of the practitioner. It may encourage development of positive inner guidance and dialogue, unlock the cosmos of creativity that exists within the soul of every human being. It may also allow one to tap into the higher conciousness, known commonly as The Holy Guardian Angel and to access the divine capabilities which are the birthright of every person. This process allows us to become more aware of our creative responsibilities and allows us to become one with the divine.

Life Protection Orb open connection to the heart and mind of the cosmos, a conduit to the positive and awesome bright white light forces of creation. Like Reiki or other forms of subtle energy healing, The Life Protection Orb reharmonises the bioenergetic field of the human body, and therefore brings balance and healing to every physiological system of the body.

The Life Protection Orb enhances the auric field of the human body and allows the human mind to function on a much higher level of contentment, positivity, peacefulness and joy.

The Life Protection Orb provides a shield against harmful external vibrations for example geopathic stress and the commonly problematic EMF waves associated with power lines, mobile phones, domestic electrical equipment, etc. The whole human organism is protected by strengthening the human bio-energetic field, guarding against bacteria, viruses and external negative influences.

The Life Protection Orb is a resonator of subtle cosmic energies. It is said to protect the practitioner from bad luck, misfortune, accidents and from harm in general. Aside from enhancing auric protection, It will have an overall positive influence on others in ones environment.

The Life Protection Orb is not merely an extremely functional subtle energy tool, it is a strikingly beautiful energy.

Included is the digital pdf manual pdf sent electronically by link  and distant attunement via orb of life method

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