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VAL SHAKTI & VAL SHIVA: Quiet inner child, find self love and inner beauty and more


Founder Tracey Hansen

Val:  Means strength, worth Valor - all good-fine things. Val Shiva is a masculine energy much like that of a valiant knight - strong with self purpose.  Val Shakti are a strong and loving guidance like a mother; he quites our inner child and allows us to feel safe.

VAL SHIVA has offered his energies to activate if you have sudden doubts such as the human doubts as "do I really deserve abundance to fllow to me or do I really deserve to be treated with kindness and respect in my job/relationship"?

VAL SHAKTI has come forward to aid us to like, care and love ourselves.  She is the wonderful loving mother energy and knows how difficult it is to care for ourselves during this busy day and age.  She wants us to feel comfortable within our bodies.  She wants to see us look in the mirros and say I like me and mean it.  She wants us to be happy and have completeness of that which we were before entering into this physical body.

You will receive 1 distant attunement via chi ball method and 1 emailed manual.

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