Archangels Light Team, digital pdf: Your own personal team of angel helpers, create angelic healing sessions & concurrent sessions


Prerequisite: None to receive, to attune others Reiki Mastership needed.

Founder Fabio Dell'Aria

About this system:

Archangels Light Team is your personal Angel team of 4 Archangels coming from Archangel Michael Archangel’s Legions. These are powerful Archangels and can be called in for many multi-purposes. You can also ask for unique sessions from any or all any different Archangel; meaning you can ask for up to 4 concurrent sessions directed to you, family friends or clients.

1. PURIFICATION SESSION: Will run a really powerful, complete and effective purification and shield session primary from any conscious negativity energy or entity.
2. LIGHT AND LOVE SESSION: Receive the more pure and high vibrational Divine-Light and Love energies
3. MULTI-PURPOSE SESSION: Simply ask to your Archangels what do you need or for the needs of others, remembering to be as most precise as possible in telling them your needs so they can apply the most appropriate healing energies. If you want you can also specify the tools to use (the Silver-Violet-Golden flame, the White-Golden flame, a specific type of Reiki).
You may ask the Archangels Team for a permanent and strong protection both psychic protection or physical. The Archangels will physically surround you with their beautiful wings so to protect you from any negative energy or entity. You may also ask to my Archangels Team to help you by entering in your dreams as physical persons and helping you in difficult things.

You may be very creative in calling in these your personal Archangel Team!

You will receive 1 distant attunement sent distantly by orb of life and 1 digital pdf English translation manual sent electronically by link.

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