Transcendence Journey Healing Reiki, digital pdf: Reiki Energy for the dying for departure from this world to the next plane


Founder: Victor Glanckopf


Transcendence Journey Healing with Archangels Azrael, Haniel & Michael works to prepare the subtle energy body of a dying person for departure from this world to a higher energy plane. 

Transcendence Journey Healing is a form of energy healing that helps practioners to prepare the subtle body of a dying person for the departure form this world to a higher energy plane.

When a person is in the process of dying his/her subtle energy body transforms itself and becomes gradually more subtle and open to outside influences, since the energy body is opening up to be re-attuned to the source where it will be "reabsorbed" again.

This process of attunement to the higher energy levels of the heavens leaves a person more fragile to environmental vibrations. In addition before "dying" many people see their lives review before their inner eye and some painful emotions and remembrances might come up again.

This is why it is especially important to assist dying people in their journey to a higher energy plane. Virtually all ancient civilizations celebrated rituals and had treatments to help a person to transcend from this world to another plane.

Transcendence Journey Healing re-unites the energy healing vibrations of angels, who help and guide individuals on their journey to the higher realms.

You will receive 1 distant energy attunement and 1 emailed pdf manual.

In this workshop you will be attuned to Archangel Azrael, who accompanies people to the source of light and to Archangel Haniel, who helps you work on the energy body of the dying person. Archangel Haniel has a very soft and supple energy and you will feel his loving guidance during your energy healing treatment.

We will also present you with other angels, who will help you in alleviating a person's emotional state of serenity and inner peace.

In Transcended Healing you will work predominantly on the chakras and the associated aura layers and channel through the healing energy of the helping Archangels.

ou will receive 1 distant attunement by orb of life method and 1 digital pdf manual sent electronically by link

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