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At Cosmic Goddess Empowerments Our Souls Honor Your Soul!    We Honor the Place in You Where the Entire Universe Resides.    We Honor the Light, Love, Truth, Beauty and Peace Within You,    Because It Is Also Within Us.    In Sharing These Things, We Are United,     We Are the Same!

Welcome to the Cosmic Goddess Empowerments   We are an online student member store providing distant energy attunement services as well as distant reiki and remedial sessions. We are purveyors of digital self-learning modules,   e-manuals, e-informationals, e-books, and e-courses, covering educational, metaphysical, and curio PDFs     containing directions on how to receive your attunement distantly and activate it after your purchase for our current-year online members.  


Sign Up Link: 

Our sign up link may be found below in our Membership Information Section. 

In our ongoing commitment to support the educational community, we have revised our policies to focus exclusively on serving current year online registered student members.

We add brand new content weekly.

Our offerings are from the belief systems of authors from around the world which range from traditional Reiki, Self-Improvement, Animal Healing, Magic Reiki, Metaphysical, Divine Feminine, Gods and Goddesses, Ancient Egyptian and systems by Rosemary Noel,  Hari Andri Winarso, Mariah Windsong Couture, Zabrina, Lavinia Sina Szendrei, and much more.


  If there is a Self-Learning Module provided with your purchase, it allows you to work at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home and progress at your own pace under our loving care and guidance.

All correspondence is delivered by email, attunement service from a distance by orb of life/chi ball not appointment and your digital purchases are delivered electronically by link. 


reiki high master rosemary noel


About Membership & Buy 1 Get 1 Eligibility:

In our unwavering commitment to supporting the educational, spiritual, and metaphysical community,                Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has introduced changes to our purchasing policies. Our focus now centers                 on serving current-year online registered student members aligning our resources with those actively             pursuing their educational and personal growth goals. Membership link is below under Membership.

This adjustment ensures fairness and underscores our dedication to students who derive the most benefit                from our services. As part of this update, the buy 1 get 1 option is exclusively available to our                                  current-year active student members and these students who follow us on our social media platforms.


We understand that this change may affect your purchasing experience if you are a teacher, professional, blogger, healer, or in a similar role.


To clarify eligibility and access to the Buy 1 Get 1 Free (BOGO) promotions:

  • Membership Eligibility: Beginning in 2023, our store caters exclusively to student members registered online in the current year. Unfortunately, teachers, professionals, bloggers, healers, and similar roles are no longer eligible for BOGO promotions, regardless of their prior history of receiving such offers.

  • BOGO Access: To enjoy BOGO privileges, students must complete the sign-up process, be registered in the current year, open the email delivered after sign-up, and show support by liking us on Facebook (Cosmic Goddess Empower) and Instagram  (@cosmicgoddessempower). BOGO must be given at time of purchase or offer is void.

  • Exclusive Offers: Non-professional or student members can expect exclusive "Student Member Only" specials, coupons, and sales.


For those categorized as Registered Coach, Blogger, Teacher, Professional, Healer, or similar roles, please reach out to us for permission to make purchases. If permission is granted, you will be registered and confirmed as a member, granting access to our services exclusively for non-student purposes.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we implement these adjustments. Thank you for your past visits, and we eagerly anticipate continuing to support your journey.



For general inquiries, please contact us directly through our business email,

After your submission please allow a minimum of 48 hours for replies during the work week and 72 hours for replies Friday - Sunday.  If you don't hear from us in 72 hours, please resubmit your inquiry.

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