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Buy 1 Get 1 of Equal or Lesser Value Free Guidelines:

Active members are those who are signed up for newsletter to receive updates about new products and sales/future sales. Active members are then eligible to receive buy 1 get 1 free offerings sometimes referred to as BOGO or bogo.  This must be 1 item of equal or lesser value of the purchase price of your main choice.  if a listing does not qualify for a free gift bogo offerings,  it will state so.  All digital e-manuals, mp3's and e-book pdfs are delivered to you electronically by link from  typically within 24 hours of purchase.. 


Most listings qualify for buy one get one free, all Lightarian Programs and Sessions are not. Your member free choices are due at time of purchase. The majority of digital e-manuals are Master Teacher (meaning you may pass attunement to others) unless otherwise stated in the listing. 


If an offering qualifies you receive only 1 free single digital e-manual for each individual offering purchased. Your free choice may not be several systems totaling the purchase amount. Packages and bundles are not included as a gift choice. Please allow 72 hours between group purchases.  If you purchase 15 systems, please wait 72 hours before you make your next purchase.


Buy 1 Get 1 free attunements are sent by distantly by orb of life (chi ball) method or the llisting state differently. We are delighted to set up appointments for real time attunements, if asked in advance of purchase, real time appointments for attunements ARE NOT included for Buy 1 Get 1 Free offerings. Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 am to Noon EDT. Written ineage is provided for  all systems purchased.   If you would like a certificate of completion, you may purchase in the store and it will include your name, systems and lineage.  All purchased digital e-manuals and e-certificates will be sent electronically by link to one email address and energies to one person.


Single system & most package orders receive 1 single system e-manual as a gift, not another package or several systems totaling the purchase price. Your free attunements are always sent to the same person who receives main choice


Not included in buy one get one free offerings:

  • Lightarian Systems
  • Chios Course
  • Most Healing Sessions & Readings
  • Listing added after the date of your purchase
  • Listings which state not Included in buy 1 get 1 free offerings or have other specific details of purchase


By law we state that all offerings are curios, for entertainment purposes only.  We offer e-books and e-manuals from a variety of authors from around the world. You alone are responsible for how you perceive information from e-manuals and e-books.  Participation is voluntary and by receiving information you accept full accountability. 


Right of Refusal may be exercised at any time by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments for any reason and refund given.

All sales are final.