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Vajrapani Triple Force High Power, digital e-manual pdf: TRIPLE VAJRA power protection, defeat malicious attempts to destroy you, demolish obstacles


15 July 2018

Founder: Master Ananta Lucian

Levels 1


Master Ananta Lucian has studied with Cosmic Goddess Empowerments and we are delighted to offer our students his channelings.  Those who have worked with this energy found it to be a hot and intense energy when working with it.

Master Ananta writes Vajrapani is the vajra possessor and the demon destroyer. Vajrapani Triple Force High Power demolishes the obstacles and breaks down those barriers arresting your spiritual power and divine intuition expansions.Vajrapani Triple Force High Power brings the power of Vajrapani and the vajra to defeat the malicious and spiteful attempts by others to destroy your spirituality, which can result in the loss of the relationships, your family, business, career.

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