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The Angels of Retribution Release,Master, digital e-manual by Manuela Marques: Allow divine law and order energy to freely flow on a situation


8 July 2018

Fouder Manuea Marques

Levels 2 - 11 day wait between levels


Are you wanting vindication for:

  • Issues on Soical Media
  • Someone Copying Your Blog or Web Content
  • Copyright Violations
  • A Bad Breakup
  • Deceit from Another
  • Being Victimized

The Angels of Retribution Release are the sanctified custodians of God’s grace and power. and they will help you with amplifying and enhancing the release of retribution efforts. Any thoughts or desires of vindication will be delivered to the throne room to be cleared.

As God’s ambassadors, the Angels of Retribution Release are devoted to you, to the deliberations when you are needing the release of desiring retribution in any area of your life.

The Angels of Retribution Release bring the clearing and fortifications, to remove you from the retribution you may wish or desire to act upon another, allowing divine law and order energy to freely flow for a particular situaton, freeing you from creating bad karma on yourself.

With purchase you will receive:

The English digital e-manual pdf sent electronically by link. True lineage is provided in your informational mail and attunement initiation s delivered by orb of life method

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