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Anti-Cancer Reiki, digital e-manual pdf by Shareef Haazza: Not a cancer cure but assists with slowing and limiting the spread of cancer in the body.

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Includes the digital English translation e-manual pdf sent electronically by link, true lineage and attunement via orb of life method

1 July 2018

Founder Shareef Haazza

Levels 1

Symbol Yes


This energy is not proported to stop the cancer but Master Haazza writes that the technique in his manual is only a tool to "limit the disease from spreading in the body".

This system is not a cancer cure.  Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has worked with this energy since 2015 with our clients for assistance in slowing teh fast spread of cancer and it could benefit people who want to slow the spread of cancer and tumors both malignant and benign in any area of the body. 

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