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Eternal Affection, 1 digital e-manual by Ferry Handoko: Inflame the power of affection, energies for you to never give up,



Founder Ferry Handoko

Levels 1


Ferry writes in his manual 

"Eternal Affection attunement, indulges our souls, who hunger for affection. Use to keep braided affection integrity, rejuvenate the affection that has been defective by prejudice and cruelty of life that you may be dealing with.


Eternal Affection restores and reminds us the purpose and the meaning of our actual life. Eternal Affection attunement Inflames the firepower of affection in us, as a source of a life force, that is never extinguished. It is the power that keeps the earth still spinning; the power that is running in our blood, making us recognize ourselves and guides us to always do the best. Eternal Affection teaches us to always accept everything, sincerely.


Eternal Affection is a foundation of our lives and everything we do in it. Without it, we are just a piece of flesh without any sense which is walking without direction and purpose. Is a force that we can always count on to sustain our faith and the strength to reach our dreams.


Eternal Affection assists to instill within that we never give up, to keep trying to make our life become better and better.


Finally, affection is the biggest reason for God, to create the whole universe. This attunement utilizes The Anahata and The Base Chakra, which is the center of human compassion, compassion that is the core of human strength to defend and always updating the quality of life".

Includes the digital English translation e-manual pdf sent electronically by link, true lineage provided and attunement initiation delivered via orb of life method

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