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The Angels of Animal Psychometry Activation, digital e-manual: A specialized area of assisting animals psychically by reading objects or a picture


Included is the origianl e-manual sent electronically by link

21 May 2018

Founder Manuela Marques

Levels 1


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments finds The Angels of Animal Psychometry an excellent system for our clients desiring to enhance their animal psychic reading skills, specifically in psychometry.

A psychometric ability allows you do a psychic reading of an object, through the physical contact of this possession by holding or touching. 

These Angels of Psychometry are the consecrated ones who are ever vigilant and attentive for your psychometric psychic reading needs.

The Angels of Animal Psychometry work on your behalf helping with:

  • Enhance your Animal Foretelling of the Past, the Future ability
  • Foretell via Angelic extrasensory reading of the objects of animals to enhance the ability of finding lost animals, determining the illness with more accuracy than the prior skill.
  • Reveal the truth of the situation of the animal, the animal’s guardian, or the situation with more accuracy then the prior skill.


Manual includes

  1. About the Angels of Animal Psychometry
  2. Attunements 
  3. How to initiate Energy
  4. How to initiate Specific Energy
  5. How to Work with Energy
  6. How to Work with a Specific Energy
  7. Petition Process
  8. Petition for Animal Psychometry
  9. Attunement for Others
  10. Enhancemednt Self-Treatment to enhance your animal  Animal Psychometry workings
  11. Enhancement Treatment for others to enhance their Animal Psychometry workings

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