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Drawing Down The Moon, digital e-manual: (Drawing Down the Goddess) Connect to Goddess, Heighten Intuition, Trance Channeling, Power Surge & MORE


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7 April 2018

Founder Zabrina

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Drawing down the Moon Activation is for enhancement of your Full Moon workings, rituals and sacred circles.

Zabrina expresses in her manual that during the Full Moon, Drawing down the Moon, invokes the feminine essence of the Mother Goddess at the pinnacle of her glory and her power.  The manual provides a Self Ritual Ceremony for Power Increase.

Zabriina writes that benefits reported during this ritual ceremony are the heightened intuition, stronger connection to the Goddess, trance channeling and a power surge of the dynamism of full Goddess Powers Applications are available  for the self and for use for others. 

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments says, "This is an AMAZING energy.  For those with high envisioning skills you should immediately connect with the Goddess power and feel her during the Drawing Down the Goddess Ceremony Rituall,for Power Increase.  And; for those not fully skilled in minds eye pictures, working with this energy throughout the monthly full moon, will assist you with manifestation of the gift of minds eye pictures  Cosmic Goddess Empowermerments has royalty rights on picture, it is watermarked and web tracked via

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