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White Mahakali- Sathya Tumo, Level 5 digital e-manual: This is NOT INCLUDED in buy 1 get 1 offerings, sent electronically by link from


Includes digital e-manual in English translation sent electronically by link


  1. Sathya Tummo levels 1-4 & 120 day minimum wait before taking level 5
  2. Must have received Sathya Tumo direct from Cosmic Goddess Empowerments

Founder Dharmasatya Sarvayudhavisarada

Mantras: Yes,  not in English language, there are no mp3's

Mandala:  Yes, , MANY

Practice: Daily

Level of Difficulty for this Course: High


Sathya Tummo is using a Mystic and Esoteric approach in the practice so thatt it is more to the use of energy patterns, mantra, mudra, and visualizaion instead of symbols.


Sathya Tumo Angkur 5 is the  final and most secret level of this course.  You must have received all levels of Sathya Tumo from Cosmic Goddess Empowerments.  In level 5, this angkur is the  White Mahakala level created to build and protect your wealt and  the sole purpose of White Mahakala is to be sure all your material needs are net easily, so there are no worries to distract you from your spiritual path. This is a high power that makes manifestation of abundance easy.

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