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Celtic Transformational System, includes e-manual and attunement: Understand cauldron, the 3 cauldrons and more!

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During several years of intense journey work and meditation on the Cauldron of Posey, by Amergin. Alfred Willowhawk was blessed in channelling a beautiful healing system called CELTIC TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING. It is with great pleasure that I am able to offer Celtic Transformational Healing to you.


This system will teach and explain to you the following:


* Understand the Function of the Cauldron.


* Learn about the body's 3 Cauldrons.


* Identify the status of your personal Cauldrons.


* The attunement procedure.


These attunements are available to every one of all religions and healing backgrounds. A basic understanding in energy healing is helpful but it not required to work with this system.


Celtic Transformational Healing (CTH) utilizes the method of the Three Cauldrons which were made popular in "The Cauldron of Posey" By Amergin. Much like Reiki and other energy systems, it can be performed on the self as well as on others via in person healing and teaching or distant healing and teaching.


CTH sessions can be very intense and can help you to achieve your personal, spiritual, and wellness goals.




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