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999 High Magick Prosperity & Abundance, digital e-manual:I 999 energy draws all good things, including income increase to you with use


Includes English digital e-manual sent electronically by link

31 July 2017

Founder Daelyn Wolf

Symbol: No


999 High Magick Prosperity & Abundance Reiki is very high energy in the vibration of the frequency of

999. It is an energy infused magickal lightwork system, and is very powerful.

It connects you to the vibration of the 999 frequency, to pure source energy, and to your higher self for empowerment, prosperity, and abundance in all good things.

999 High Magick Prosperity & Abundance is easy to work with and Daelyn says it begins working toward improving your finances as soon as activated for yourself, to change your vibration and energy to draw money and opportunity. It draws all good things, including income increase. The flow of income may increase through raises at work, unexpected income, gifts, winnings, promotions, career, etc. Whatever opportunity presents itself to you, remember that the success you create will be dependent upon how you react and take actions toward achieving greater prosperity and abundance.

The energies of this system clear the path, open the doors, and lift you up to very high vibrations so that positive prosperity and abundance can flow easily to you.


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The original digital English pdf e-manual sent electronically by email and 1 distant attunement via chi ball method

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