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Diamond Ajna Energetic, digital e-manual: Improve clarity of your spiritual sight, Lift telepathy & psychic ability to be aligned with higher mind


Includes digital English translation pdf e-manual sent electronically and a distant attunement

28 July 2017

Founder Ferry Puthut Handoko

Levels 1

About this system:

Ferry writes in his manual that Diamond Ajna Energetic Infusion was channeled to improve the clarity of your spiritual sight. It brings a high frequency energy to your brain to amplify your mind and improving the quality of your inspiration. It is able to purify your inner strengths and also lift up psychic ability; to be aligned with the Higher Mind and able connect to one's personal path. Diamond Ajna Energetic Infusion will lead you to reach visionary states in your routine meditation to build a powerful consciousness and strengthen your telepathic communication. Accelerate the quality improvement of your worldly life with a strong and pure energy and lead you to a wonderful soul evolution; invincibility success, solidness of abundance and bring harmony in romantic relationships and in all areas of your life. Thank you for stopping by and reading Ferry’s listing information at copyscape protected and web tracked

Included with purchase:

The original digital PDF e-manual(s) sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement


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