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God's Holy Inner Sanctum Angels, digital e-manual: For Release of Ancestral bondages, Evil, Curses, Vows, Attachments & Sanctify Your Inner Sanctum~


Includes Personal Use digital e-manual sent electronically

23 July 2017

Founder: Manuela Marques

Levels 1

Symbols: No

Personal Use:  This system is for your personal edification only.  


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments was amazed working with the Holy Inner Sanctum Angels. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments felt these Angels shedding God’s holy light to remove any darkness in our inner sanctum. TNothing is obscured where there is God’s holy light and the sanctification of the Holy Inner Sanctum Angels.Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found they not only lend Divine assistance with the inner sanctum purification, working with them, they can by request,  assist withdispersing of the inner sanctum attachments, evil, curses, vows, ancestral bondages and more; he Holy Inner Sanctum Angels can protect you from receiving anything which is not from God such as any lower astral energies or the negatives from others.

God’s Holy Inner Sanctum Angels work on your behalf helping you with:

  • Inner Sanctum Purification
  • Establish God’s Holy Light Within the Inner Sanctum
  • Magnification of God’s Holy Light Within the Inner Sanctum
  • Eradication of Vows, Curses and Evil Within the Inner Sanctum
  • Eradication of Ancestral Bondages Preventing Inner Sanctum Purification
  • Inner Sanctum Sealing and Repair
  • Inner Sanctum Protection

Manual Includes:

  • Attunement
  • God's Holy Inner Sanctum Angels Self-Treatment
  • God's Holy Inner Sanctum Angels Specific Self-Treatment
  • God's Holy Inner Sanctum Angels Treatment to Your Space
  • Petitiioning & More!

You will receive the Personal Use English digital e-manual pdf sent electronically by link and distant attunement via chi ball/orb of life method

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