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Master of Prayers for Lighthealers Reiki Digital eManual: For Love, Healing, Wish Granting, Love Wounds, Money, Against Evil & For Employement


Includes the English Translated  Digital eManual

When we have problems, issues, doubts or other troubles a first good thing to do is to pray, pray and become aware.Cosmic Goddess Empowerments loved these energies.  We spend at least an hour a day in Spirit time and adding this to our prayers for us and others was quick and easy. 

This master system has 7 prayers that will link you to some Saints, Archangels, Angels and to Divine Father and Divine Mother and their channeled prayers.


Lord Jesus – For Healing - CGE

Mother Mary – To Grant Wishes

Saint Anthony – For Love - CGE

Archangel Raziel – For Love Wounds -CGE

Archangel Raphael – For Money

Archangel Michael – Against Evil  - CGE

Angel Menadiel – For Employment

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments loves that our clients after receiving this attunement will have a permanent link with these holy lighthealers and for every one of them you’ll have a special channeled prayer that may help you, your loved ones or clients in every need. So now, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients, when sometime, in your life, darkness comes and you need help, you will have the right heavenly tools along with a strong faith to overcome problems and be the winners. English is not the fiounders first language

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