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Expansive Pheromone Sexual Essence 1-2, digital e-manuaL: The SEXUAL scent of attraction; use for sex appeal & AMPLIFIED magnetic sexual attraction


Includes the original digital English pdf e-manual sent electronically by link

13 May 2017

Founder: This is a featured system by Rosemary Noel

Levels 2: 

  • Levels are delivered to you,  7 days apart.  Time between levels give syou time to actually work with and develop the energy functions for yourself,

Attuning Others:

  •   Rosemary Noel has exclusive right to pass this system to others until June 1, 2017

Expansive Edition:

 The energies of the Expansive Pheromone Sexual Essence are more progressive, expansive and 100% more POWERFUL than the original system , the e-manual includes more expansive ways to work with energies, as well as allowing you to share energy with others, where the original was only for self use.

Why Expansive?

The original system was channeled years ago and here at Cosmic Goddess Empowerments we send more distant personalized energy sessions than attunements. . Working with these energies in Personalized Distance Energy Sessions, this specific energy was enhanced and developed into what is now the Expansive Pheromone Sexual Essence" POWERFUL, SENSUAL and EASIER TO WORK WITH.

About Pheromones:

Oh la la.....Pheromones are the sexual scent of attraction. The energies of Expansive Pheromone Sexual Essence can assist to create a desire within you and your partner to stimulate and satisfy, to experience sensations mutually and experience loving ecstasy together.

Expanded Expansive Manual Additions:

  • Self-Treatments
  • Sexual Essence Clearing Session
  • Treatment for Specifics
  • Magnification of Energy
  • Distant Treatment for others

With purchase you will receive 2 distant attunements sent via chi ball 7 days apart and 1 English digital e-manual sent electronically by link

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments holds exclusive right to sell until 1 June 2017. Registered members may choose 1 single emanual of 1 system, of equal or lesser value as a gift. To complete your order, please list this gift here:

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