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Understanding Spirit Messages Reiki, digital e-manual: Recognize messages intended for you in a number sequence, song and much more!


Includes English translation digital e-manual pdf sent electronically by link.

1 May 2017

Founder Manuela Fasoli

Levels 1

About this system:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments recommends this system Understanding Spirit Messages for our clients who work with the paranormal.and especially those who are blessed to or would like energy assistance for the betterment of your receiving messages rom Spirit, Guides and Angels skills As Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients know, sometime spirits or angels or guides send us messages from beyond. Sometimes with these new thoughts in your mind or with numbers that go on appearing in your daily life or with a special music or song or in many other ways Spirit communicates. you don’t recognize them and you may miss something helpfull because we’re busy,stressed and distracted.  Many of Cosmic Goddesse Empowerments clients really don't understand that sometimes a number, a song or a thought is actually a message.This system will help you, day by day, with use, to enhance all of this and this system helps you to catch these messages but Cosmic Goddess Empowerments thinks using this system might help you even to understand better all the messages and the meaning of your psychic messages, tarots,crystals or angelic readings. Thank you for visiting’s listing for Manuela’s systems, this listing is web tracked by copyscape.

With purchase you will receive:

The original English translation pdf manual by Manuela which includes attunement information, self-use, reactivation method, and how to pass attunements and energies to others, sent electronically and your distant attunement by chi ball call in method

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