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SACRED SEKHEM, Levels 1-2, digital e-manuals: The Sechim/Sekhem Experience, Using Living Light Energy, Becoming the Infinity


Included in this listing: Levels 1and 2 with English digital pdf e-manuals sent electronically by link and attunements via chi ball sent 10 days apart

Levels: 2

Wait Between Levels: Minimum of 10 Days

Degree of Difficulty: High


  • Registered Student Members
  • Reiki or Seichim Master

BOGO: Not included in buy 1 get 1 free offerings


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments highly recommends this system for our most dedicated student members. We find it to be the ultimate most comprehensive and developed of the Seichim or Sekhem energy systems.


Level 1:

Experiencing the Seichim and Sekhem Energies




  • Introduction to Seichim–Sekhem–SKHM cge
  • Background on Styles, Practices, and Lineages
  • “A Brief History of Seichim,” by Patrick Ziegler cge
  • More on Sekhem (including excerpts from Helen Belôt)
  • The “Goddess” Connection


Seichim Symbols

  • Seichim Chō-Kū-Rei [ckr-s]
  • Modern Dai-Kō-Myō [mdk]
  • Golden Sun–Infinity [inf]
  • Protect Life Forever [plf]
  • Sacred Spiral Magnifier [ssm]
  • Sacred Spiral Disperser [ssd]
  • Sekhem Sceptre [sek]




  • Hand Placement, Scanning & Energy Fields
  • Guidelines for a Sekhem Session (compared with Tera-Mai™ session)
  • Healing Balm (4 variations) cge




  • SKHM Meditation and Initiation (Patrick Ziegler)
  • “Sa–Sekhem–Sahu Meditation


Level 2: Advanced

Using the Living Light Energy – Practical Applications




  • Review of Reiki Symbols cge
  • Macrocosmos / Microcosmos




  • Seichim Dai-Kō-Myō
  • Angel Wings (3 var)
  • Male/Female Balance
  • Motor–Zanon CGE
  •  Ta-Kū-Rei
  •   Divinity
  •   Healing Triangle
  •   Sacred Scarab cge




  • Emotional Healing (SHK) cge
  • Distance Healing (HSZSN—both space & time)
  • Distance Healing Program & Distance Healing Stacks
  • Cosmic Healing Bank cge
  • Using Crystal Grids
  • Procedures for Release and Forgiveness
  • Symbol Stacks (Power Sandwiches)
  • Left–Right Brain Balancing cge
  • Spitting Cobra & Fireball Technique



  • Great Shining Light Meditation
  • Scarab Healing Meditation cge



  • Native American Prayers  cge
  • The Sacred Heptagram  cge
  • Contemplation on the Two Hearts
  • The Cyber Buddha  thank you for visiting, listing copyscape protected and tracked


After your 10 day minimum wait to level 1 please email Cosmic Goddess Empowerments that you are ready for level 2 and we will prepare within 48 hours of your request

Key Words: Seichim, Sacred Seichim, Sekhem

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