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Soul Bliss Elixir digital e-manual: Harmonize your INNER POWER with your worldly obsessions and desires.


Includes English translation digital e-manual sent electronically

2 April  2017

Founder Ferry Puthut Handoko

Levels 1

About this system:

Ferry writes in his manual that Soul Bliss Elixir was channeled to reset your feelings; Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found that working with this energy can even strongly affect the deepest feelings of your subconscious and have them energetically to get refreshed, rejuvenated and reinforced to help you harmonizing the inner power with your worldly obsessions and desires. Soul Bliss Elixir, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments agrees, will lead your heart to be faithful and confident with your own purpose(s) in this life. Working with this energy Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found our mind more easily was able to be set to determine our priority and stimulates the optimism in your effort to fulfill your priorities. This, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments, found to be very effective in our daily activities when there seems to be more work than time.   Ferry writes it will remove the negative thoughts, doubts, fear of failure and arouse your hope in the middle of sadness and despair. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments recommends Soul Bliss Elixir for our clients who are trying to move on from adversity and for those who trying so hard to rebuild the broken business or life condition. Content and Pictures copyscape protected by web tracking.

With purchase you will receive 1 distant attunement by chi ball call in method and the original digital pdf English translation e-manual by Ferry sent electronically. Please note English is not Ferry’s main language.


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