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Vipassana Flush digital e-manual: For Spiritual Awareness, A Deep Vision of your TRUE SELF who you are and everthing changes for you and your life!


English Translation digital e-manual sent electronically

4 March 2017

Founder Manuela Fasoli

Levels 1

Symbols No


Manuela writes that The word “vipassana” in ancient pali language means deep vision; when you have the deep vision of your true self and who you are everything changes for you and your life.

Vipassana is a type of meditation that brings more peace,well being,awareness and joy and this this system helps you to do a good meditation even if and when you have no time. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments agrees that Spirit Time in mediation is important and this flush will work in you and for you. You will have the benefits of this ancient practice even if you’re busy and without much time to dedicate to your daily spiritual work! Thank you for visiting Listings are protected and tracked by copyscape on the internet.

Included is the original English translation e-manual sent electronically and distant attunement via chi ball

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