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Psychic Reading Flush, digital e-manual: Increase your Perception, Enhance Your Seeing & Hearing Messages from other dimensions, Block Lower Spirits

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4 March 2017

Founder Manuela Fasoli

Levels 1

Symbols No


Typically a psychic reading is performed by gifted people who can see and hear beyond our eathly plane. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments finds most gifted people do not need any assistance or help by tools for assistance because the see or hear or see and hear the other dimensions guides and spirits perfectly.  Manuela writes it was different for her she needed courses and great deal of self-confidence.  Manuela told Cosmic Goddess Empowerments she was so blessed to receive this channeling of energies.  Because with this flush you can provide psychic readings, too! It's a flush of high energy, we found, and it helps you in your attempts to see and hear but alos in your perceptions, they are assisted, too.You are able to read much better for others with practice and an added benefit Manuela told us is that it assists to keep low spirits from entering your readings for others. Thank you for visiting Listings are protected and tracked by copyscape on the internet.

English Translation digital e-manual sent electronically

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