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Sacred Silver Moon Essence pdf by Jalu Wasonoadi: Be inspired for work or career, connect to deep emotions & assists with dream understanding


Sacred Silver Moon Essence pdf & attunement included. Read more at

30 June 2015

Founder Jalu Wasonoadi


Levels 1


About this system.

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is happy to present Sacred Silver Moon Essence.  Jalu says his essence provides many blessings to you bringing peace of mind, connecting to your deep emotions and to assist you in the understanding of the meaning of dreams.  Sacred Silver Moon Essence also assists you to be inspired for work or career and Jalu says assists with emotional issues and to release tensions.  Thank you for visiting cosmicgoddessempowerments.ocm

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The original English translation pdf manual translated by Jalu sent electronically and distant attunement by call in method

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