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DUTSI AMRITA BLESSING BY DR PRAJNA SHIVA KALIDASA - Amrit: immortality/nectar/blessed Dutsi: healing/empowerment


Founder: Dr Prajna Shiva Kalidasa

Pre-requisite: Reiki 2 or knowledge how to independently work with ethereal energies

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Amrit is a Sanskrit word that literally means immortality and is often referred to in texts as nectar.

In Chinese Buddhism, Amrit is described as blessed water/food/consumable objects produced through merits of chanting mantras.

Amrit is Tibetan, bDud.rTsi. It is consumed as a sacramental beverage and is made during drubchen ceremonies involving many great Lamas for a full week. It usually is found in the form of a tiny dark brown or red grains that are dissolved in weak solutions of alcohol or consumed with water for spiritual and physical well-being.

Dutsi works for healing and empowerment and include all forms of spiritual and physical healing and works in a powerful way. Though you can take it in pill form it is presented here in an energetic way and will assist any other energy or systems you are working with.

The particular Dutsi was prepared in Nepal under the direction of Dzogchen Master Tulku Padgyal Rinpoche who is now deceased. The herbs and medicine were handled by Gonjor Lama Jangchub from Orissa. Founder, Dr. Prajna Shiva Kalidasatook the Dutsi daily for thirty days and is now presented to you in energetic form .

You will receive 1 distant energy attunement by chi ball  and 1 emailed pdf manual

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