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Founder: Heidi Gebhard-Burger

Lemuria; myth or reality – did this highly developed civilization really exist? Are you fascinated by Lemuria or do you remember your own existence in this era and civilization – an existence in perfect harmony? Do you feel a yearning for this being deep in your heart? Now, time has come to remember this civilization. Remember .......... The Lemurian paradise in comply with the ancient wellspring, sheltered by Lemurian Angels and Priests/esses. In Lemuria there were lots of crystal-cities with palaces built of pure crystals. These crystals are the knowledge resources of the whole creation. Crystal-energies are from highest purity, they connect you to your own divine origin, your wellspring – your higher self. Are you ready? Then let’s start the journey backwards …
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Legal Disclaimer

For legal reasons, I am stating that all items are strictly for entertainment purposes only. Information from healing sessions or attunements are a service and not meant to replace any professional medical or legal advice. Rosemary Noel takes no responsibility for recommendations made in listings or in store and no guarantees issued towards the validity of information exchanged, or written in listings from the manual information or the effectiveness of application for you.  By receiving a healing ,empowerment or attunement, you are agreeing to indemnify Rosemary Noel from and against any and all claims of libel, defamation, and violation of rights of privacy or publicity and infringement of intellectual property or other rights.Some listings reflect the idealogy of other cultures and are not necessarily my personal beliefs.

You agree to indemnify Rosemary Noel from all liabilities & any expenses including lawyer’s fees arising from such claims based on your purchases. 

Certificates of Completion

By request, authentic lineage will be provided. I am happy to provide certificate of completion for courses taken. One certificate will be prepared for all systems ordered at one time. I am happy to send an individual certificate for Usui Reiki, Grand Master Program. My certificates are beautiful and suitable for framing are sent by pdf email attachment. I am happy to provide duplicate certificates and depending on what is needed, will charge a small fee.