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Digital pdf File Receipt & Attunement Method:

Welcome to Cosmic Goddess Empowerments.  If you are new to our store and make a purchase, your purchase is digital and will be sent electronically by link or as a file by email, with the exception of Lightarian Course Systems. copyscape protected

Digital files, which may be referred to as digital e-manuals, emanuals, digital pdfs in the store.  A pdf,  is a Portable Document File,may contain images, instructional text, links and more. a MP3 is a musical or voice file.

Digital pdf manual files are typically sent within 24 hours of purchase or less. These files are always in English and are locked files.  1 Lineage Certificate for all systems purchased at one time is provided on request, at time of purchase. If you desire a customized certificate, a customized Certificate of Completion is available for purchase in the store. Digital files are sent to the email address you have listed in your checkout cart or on file at checkout with the exception of Distant Energy Sessions.  Personalized distant energy session informational e-manuals are sent typically in 72 hours or up to 5 days.

If you have not received your digital file manuals,  please check your spam file for email, files are delivered electronically by link from cgeemanuals via MAILBIGFILE.COM.

Distant attunements and sessions are sent by energy sphere method which will be explained to you. Only the Lightarian Program attunements are sent real time, by appointment. 

We are always happy to offer appointments in the morning between 10 am and noon.  Real time attunements by appointment are not included in the Buy 1 Get 1 Free purchase offerings.. Please write us for details.

You, alone, are responsible for how you perceive and bear all responsibility for any outcome.  Unless stated otherwise all courses are Master Courses meaning you can share energies or attune others.  If a course is designated for only self or personal use  it will be indicated as such in the listing.  If a listing includes both the Master e-manual and Personal Use e-manual it will be indicated as such in the listing.